Aerospace Engineering Research

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer all questions clearly, concisely and legibly (meaning handwritten!). Answers to each question should have minimum length of 1000 words. Write your answers in a clean sheet of paper. Submit a clear image or scanned copy of your answers, You can submit as many pages as needed but make sure each page is numbered correctly. Make sure your answers are clear and legible.
1) Discuss how aerospace engineering has changed the way our modern society works and pushed the boundaries of innovation and technology. Cite at least 3 examples that demonstrates the impact of aerospace engineering in a different field (e.g. medicine, commerce, etc.).
2) Compare and contrast the two major branches of aerospace engineering. Between the two fields, which one is more important/difficult in your opinion. Explain your answer.
3) Identify the different types of aircrafts and the parts of each type. Cite at least two examples for each type. Discuss in-depth their principles/mechanism of operations and explain their advantages and disadvantages.
4) Identify the different types of satellites and the parts of each type. Cite at least two examples for each type. Discuss in-depth their applications and how the technology being used has developed over the past 60 years.
5) Identify at least three suitable sites in the Philippines for launching rockets. Explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages for each sites. Show a feasibility summary of each site by considering the scientific, technical, economic, logistical, environmental and societal challenges.
6) Imagine you are a billionaire genius with a yearning for space exploration. Craft a detailed plan to create a long-term sustainable human colony in Mars. Consider all the different issues and challenges that accompany such a plan (cost, time, logistics, political, technical, etc.).
7) Explain the how each type of telescope operates. Show how a telescope is capable of magnifying a distant object. What are the optical flaws associated with each type?
8) In your opinion, what is the most important /critical issue (or issues) currently facing aerospace engineering (air and/or space). Explain why you consider it to be the most important/critical and suggest solutions on how it can be resolved.
9) Cite at least three research topics that you would want to work on as a future thesis project. Explain each topic in-depth, why do you want to work on it.
BONUS: Explain in detail the five most important international space treaties. Discuss the political implications of each treaty to the Philippines, what are the steps needed to take to maximize gains of the country in the geopolitical arena.
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