Advertising Analysis Paper Directions

Format: 12-Font Times New Roman and double-spaced
Length: Approximately 2 pages. You must also include the persuasive message in your paper, and this does count toward the page count.
Objective: The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to critically analyze and evaluate an advertisement using a persuasive framework.
You will pick a persuasive message in the ad to evaluate the persuasive techniques and strategies. In your analysis, you will use the theories and principles learned in the course.
Directions: (These questions are just to help you start but please go beyond these questions).
IMPORTANT: For this assignment, everything should be written in your own words. If you are using any information, it should be clearly cited, and you must include a reference. If there are any parts that are copied from the Internet, you will immediately receive an F for the assignment. Make you sure you do not PLAGIARIZE.
Description of the Advertisements
• Provide the background of the advertisements
o What is the purpose and goals of each advertisement? (buy, change attitudes)
o Who do you think are the intended audiences for these advertisements?
o Explain the techniques used in this ad (which appeals, and why?)
o Describe the organization that created each advertisement.
• For this section you will need conduct research before you can critically evaluate the advertisement. You will need to include citations for all the information you use in this section.
Application and Evaluation of Persuasion Strategies
• Identify all the different persuasive strategies that were used in the advertisement (refer to the strategies that we discussed in class).
• Provide examples of how these strategies appear in the advertisement. Provide specific and concrete examples.
• Evaluate the effectiveness of persuasive message. What persuasive strategies would you use to make this a stronger advertisement? Explain and use examples to support your answer.
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