Ad hoc Networks e.g. Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET), wireless sensor networks (WSN), wireless mesh networks (WMN), Vehicular ad-hoc network

Research the technology listed below and produce a report that informs on:
1. Ad hoc Networks e.g. Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET), wireless sensor networks (WSN), wireless mesh networks (WMN), Vehicular ad-hoc network
Report should investigate and analyse the underpinning network technologies based on above technology. You should explore and evaluate knowing that the underlying technologies are not immune, and hence using them could inherent all vulnerabilities. Thorough research is utmost important in order to evaluate and instruct about concerns such as the usability, legislation, security, regulation and potential and future applications.
Task – WORD COUNT 2500 (font Calibri – text 12 , headings 14, spacing 1.5 lines)
You are to research, identify, analyse and evaluate potential use of this type of data communication as well as their issues in relation to networking technology and explore potential applications.
• All components of the assignment (text, diagrams. code etc.) must be submitted in ….word file (hand-written text or hand drawn diagrams are not acceptable
• Try to analyse, compare and evaluate rather than simply describe.
• All figures, screenshots, graphs and tables must be numbered and labelled.
• The report may start by defining the problem / requirements, followed by the proposed solution including a detailed discussion, analysis and evaluation, leading to implementation and testing stage, finally a conclusion and/or personal reflection on learning.
Criteria Description
Introduction Introduction / Background
6 Introduction includes the context and/or background to the topic and indicates the purpose of the report
4 The introduction includes some definitions of complex terminology or acronyms and ideas which are linked to the conclusion of the report
Knowledge and understanding Knowledge and understanding
8 Demonstrate an effective approach to studying and research, including explanations and discussions of subject concepts
7 The discussion includes relevant information from credible sources that is paraphrased effectively.
Summarised key points and demonstrate understanding of sources.
Application and analysis Applying knowledge and analysis of technologies
8 Discussion, examination and analysis of underpinning network technologies exploring the relationship between different components
7 Discussion and analysis of the issues and vulnerabilities including reasoning
based on prior-knowledge, backed by evidence of research from sound sources
Technology evaluation Evaluation of underpinning technologies
9 Demonstrate effective assessment and judgment of the value of information by comparing and evaluating the underpinning technologies with relevant
11 The discussion is supported by literature including critical discussion and evaluation in relation to known issues in the industry such as (but not limited to) usability, security, regulation.
Reflection on potential applications of the given technology is clearly stated
Conclusion / reflection Conclusion and/or reflection
8 A well-defined conclusion / reflection summarizing the report key discussion points and is logically presented
7 An incisive reflection of learning supported by theories where applicable
Presentation Presentation and document Structure
6 The document uses an academic style and appropriate academic language throughout; presents information and discussion using a range of visual methods including graphs, texts and diagrams where applicable
4 The report reflects a level of autonomy and creativity
Referencing Academic integrity and referencing
8 References are correctly presented using an appropriate academic style and are relevant to the subject
References are from multiple sources (Books, journals, periodicals, technical reports, etc) and used to support the discussion within the report
In-text citations are varies in style and are accurate.
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