a radar with the following requirement

Conduct a detailed analytical study on the various RF power sources. For a radar with the following requirement, identify the most suitable power source and explain why the
identified source is appropriate.
The system specifications of a pulsed monostatic radar operating at 9.2 GHz is as shown here below:
Peak transmitted power 50kW, maximum range 120km, pulse width of 1.5𝜇𝑠, pulse repetition frequency of 1000 Hz, transmitter antenna gain 40dB, radar receiver noise figure 3 dB, and system losses of 2 dB.
For a target with cross section of 10𝑚2 at 100nmi, calculate the single hit SNR.
Is this SNR sufficient to detect the target reliably? With necessary calculations, give reasons for your answer.
Radar jamming is the intentional emission of radio frequency signals to interfere with the operation of a radar by saturating its receiver with noise of false information.
With necessary derivations of the Signal-to-Jammer ratio, discuss in detail the importance of burn-through jammer range
A X-Band radar operating at a frequency of 9400MHz has the following specifications: Noise figure corresponds to a system effective temperature 6270K, signal to noise ratio at the output of receiver 55 dB, IF bandwidth of 500 kHz, RCS of 10m2, peak transmitted power of 25kW, antenna gain of 33dB. For a successful jamming, the Signal-to-Jamming ratio (SJR) should be 1. Calculate how much power should the Jammer transmit towards the receiver?
Research Topic: Measuring Ozone from Space Using Remote Sensing.
Conduct a detailed study on the importance of Ozone layer depletion and how satellites play a role in its monitoring and record. Discuss how remote sensing using satellites, can be used in measuring ozone from space. Support your discussion by theoretical concepts, researching, reviewing literature (3-4 articles), organizing and producing a write-up of not more than 800 words.

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