A conceptual network for a company doing insurance business is given in FIGURE Q1. This company has a headquarters office located in Hong Kong

and one branch office each in Malaysia and Singapore, respectively.
The headquarters office and the branch offices are connected via Internet for
many online transactions and for general purpose communications. To make
the network setting and maintenance tasks more uniform, the network in
Malaysia office and the Singapore office were designed with almost identical
architecture. The software and the hardware are sourced from the same
vendor. That is, the headquarters is opting for a more homogeneous network
system in the branch offices.
The nature of the business in this company, understandably, involves a huge
number of customers’ personal data and information. Each branch office stores
the data and information in their local database servers during office working
days i.e., Monday to Friday. On weekends all the data/information are cloned
and transferred to the database server in the headquarters office by the system
or network admin under the close supervision of the branch manager.
Analyze the network in FIGURE Q1 and identify as much as you can the
potential vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and the strengths in this network
structure in the context of computing and computer security. Present your
findings in a clear and comprehensive report consisting of these components:
• Vulnerabilities in the network structure and in the data or information
• Possible solutions to the vulnerabilities identified.
• Strengths and weaknesses in the network setup.
• Possible solutions to mitigate the weaknesses in this network structure
and therefore to enhance its computing environment.
• Drawing of a new network structure based on the possible solutions you
[80 marks

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