A Case Study: Performance Management Systems

Southwood School – A Case Study: Performance Management Systems
The case study link is available under this description.
• Once familiar with the organisation and the concepts of performance management, review Work Tools # 1 and # 2. These are copies of the actual forms used at the school.
• Review the sample job descriptions (Work Tool # 3) to understand some of the support staff job responsibilities.
• In your Case Memo, answer the questions below with your reflection:
1. What are the advantages of using the Preparing for the Performance Review document (Work Tool #1)?
• Are there any other areas you think should be added to the document?
2. List some strengths and weaknesses of the Performance Review Meeting (Work Tool #2).
• Is the document’s length appropriate?
• Is it easy to understand and complete?
• Upload your response as one to two page MS Word file.
• One paragraph per question should do the job.
• Please avoid cumbersome writing. Quantity does not matter. Quality reflection is important.
• Use any format that you like to respond to the questions.
• Just write what you think.
• No references required.
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