Design a digital poster that explains how to use advance search features within a search engine of your choice.


Task Description (including word count) Assessment
Criteria Ref
Task One
Create a video/YouTube tutorial for email beginners showing how to:
·         Add, edit and delete an email address to your contacts
·         Send an email with an attachment, as a blind copy, as a carbon copy and forwarded an email to a contact in your address book
·         Save received emails into two different folders
·         Set up and send an email to a group of contacts
In the last 60 seconds of your video, you should show users how to enable/disable the acceptance of cookies on the internet, and how to delete cookies from the ‘temporary internet files’ folder.
Task Two
Create a quality matrix grid that ranks the following: credibility, accuracy, reasonableness and support. You should explain each of these terms within your matrix grid (in relation to the quality of Internet resources).
Using your quality matrix grid, compare two internet resources on a computing subject area of your choice. You must provide a written justification for your rankings.
Task Three

Design a digital poster that explains how to use advance search features within a search engine of your choice.

You should provide examples of these with the use of screenshots. All screenshots should be accurately linked with use of hyperlinks.

1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4
2.2, 2.3


1. Understand how to use e-mail
1.1 Maintain an address book (contacts) to:
• Add addresses.
• Edit existing addresses.
• Delete addresses.
1.2 Send e-mail to a specified recipient:
• With attachment.
• As a blind copy.
• As a carbon copy.
• As a forwarded e-mail.
1.3 Save received e-mails to a folder.
1.4 Set up a group to enable an email to a
group of recipients
2. Understand how to use the Internet for research and communication


2.1 Provide access to www sites from a
computer based document, for example
mail, word document, spreadsheet.
2.2 Enable/disable the acceptance of cookies.
2.3 Delete cookies from the “Temporary
Internet Files” folder.


3. Understand how to evaluate Internet


3.1 Explain and give an example of the use of
advances searching within a selected
search engine.
3.2 Explain the following terms in relation to
the quality of the Internet resources:
• Credibility.
• Accuracy.
• Reasonableness.
• Support.
3.3 Compare at least two internet resources
on the same subject area and justify their
quality based on at least two, out of the
above four, criteria.


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