300579 Professional Experience (PX) Autumn 2021 SCEM – Western Sydney

Group Number
Supervisor Details
Web-based scientific poster presentation system
Oliver Obst <O.Obst@westernsydney.edu.au>
Traditionally, posters at scientific conferences are used as a way to communicate research ideas but at the same time also for networking and exchange of ideas. They are usually printed on paper
and presented with several other posters in parallel so that it is possible to talk to several poster presenters during a session. With most conferences now held online, scientific poster
presentations have now become similar to short talks, using a few slides and maybe a video instead of a poster, but with only little opportunity for interaction. Oftentimes, the same web-based
system is used to present keynote talks and poster presentation at a conference. At times, this is complemented with virtual environments like gather.town.
In this project, we want students to develop a web-based system for poster presentations that allows synchronous playback of a recorded video, together with a single-page PDF where the
system focuses and zooms in and out on specific parts of the poster. The speaker will need to be able to edit the “poster camera” online, after submitting their poster video. We will explore
different ways of encouraging interaction with the presentation, for example by allowing annotations to recordings, and live chat between attendees and presenters.
The system will require different kinds of users: general audience who take part in conferences and can attend presentations, presenters able to upload a presentation, and conference organisers
who manage all parts of a single event including inviting attendees and speakers to create accounts and upload their presentations. Depending on the conference organiser, presentations are
made public or only available to registered users.
The web system should be developed using angular.io and be deployed on an existing (Linux-based) server (command line access). User details should be stored in a database, while videos can
be stored on the server file system. Some prototypical code exists that can be used in the system.
A web-based user-management with different levels of access (super-user, conference organiser, presenter, attendee)
Super-users invite conference organisers and allow them to create a single event Conference organisers set up the conference landing page, and invite presenters as
well as attendees.
Suggested Technologies
Client Details
Presenters upload their presentation, and can edit the synchronisation between their video and the poster.
Users can authenticate to the system and manage their profiles, either directly or
using OAuth authentication. Every presenter maintains a list of their presentations, even when conferences are removed from the system.
IP will be signed over to project owner.
MySQL, Angular
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