3 questions for a feasible project proposal

Who we are: Development Division
Where we work: Pinnacle Software Inc.
What we do: Make software for clients
Head office: Sydney
Branch offices: Brisbane, Perth, Bangalore
1. 3 questions for a feasible project proposal
• 3 only
• Professional email
• Explain why we are asking this
• Explain why they are required for the project
Specification doc:
1. 3 emails
2. Functional requirements
3. Non-functional requirements

Case Study:
• Client: Western Sydney Wellness Trust
• Function: Health care and social care services
• Customer base: 2,000,000 potentially
• Merger: Community health care trust + Social services department
• Community health care: Medical service
o District Nurse
o Physio therapist
 Visit home and provide care
• Social services department: Non-medical service
o Adult carer
o Child protection officer
 Visit clients at home
 Provide social care
• Objective:
o Preventive care
o Stay in own home
o Delay moving to trust funded Nursing home
• Government objective:
o Improve care provided
o Reduce overall cost
• CEO: Jim James
• Business Development Director: Dr Robert Northy
• Headquarters of trust:
o Victorian style mental health hospital facility
o Parramatta
o 50 other offices
o Clinics
o Care homes
• Personnel:
o 3000 staff
 Head office team
• Finance
• Personnel
• Business development
 Professional staff
• Adult care
• Mental health care
• Child care

• Existing system
o Legacy Social Care System
 Analyse type and source of referral received by individual care team
 Record type of care delivered
 Record cost of care delivered
• No record of the outcome of care delivered
• All notes handwritten
• All notes filed locally
o Legacy health care
 Collecting details of activities to send mandatory statistical analyses to government
o Email system links offices together [Effective and functional]
o Financial management and payroll system
o Old
o Not user-friendly
o Staff activity data entered by clerks and not staff themselves
o Statistical report generation done in central IT Department
o Health and social care workers do not use the information
o Existing network that connects the officer together
• Other organisations
o Gov. hospitals
 Accident and emergency service
 Maternity service
 Clinical service and operations
o Clinics
• Source of referrals:
o Centrelink
o Medical doctors
o Hospitals
o Police
o School
o Neighbour
o Next of kin

• Referral process
o Non-standard information provided by a source
o Local trust office receives non-standard information
o Local trust office checks whether they can handle it
o If they can handle it, they deal with it
o If they cannot handle it, they pass it on within the trust till correct team is found
o Referral received 24/7/365
o If urgent, acted upon immediately
• Assessment and care process
o Initial assessment
 Senior professional from relevant team visits patient
 Conducts initial assessment
 May refer to other teams for follow-up
o Drafting handwritten care plan
 Can be simple
 Can be complicated
o Team manager approves cost of care
 Or makes adjustments if too expensive
o Care delivered
 Could be one-off
 Could be weekly
 Could be long term and year after year
o Regular review of progress
o Update of plan if needed
• Each discipline has own style of assessment form and care plan to record information
o Non-uniform
• Each uses own medical jargon to describe same condition
o Non-uniform
o Requires dictionary
o Uniform terms
• Patient can receive care from different teams simultaneously
o No coordination
o No exchange of information
o No uniform scheduling
 One team has to reschedule if both show up together
• Concern over privacy and security of information
• Company contact: Business Development Director – Dr Northy
o This is who we email
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