3 Page Paper APA style

“This week’s assignment is to research an area of disability that you may encounter in the classroom, and present information based on research conducted online.  Be sure to follow the guidelines presented in the instructions. The paper must be 2-3 pages written in APA format. The Purdue Owl site listed in the Resources module is great! It even provides a sample paper that labels each part of the APA paper. At least one of your sources MUST be an article in a peer-reviewed journal. You can access these from the library’s website.
I will run the paper through Turnitin, and the similarity index MUST be below 10%. I will deduct 1 point if your similarity index falls between 11% and 15%. I will deduct 3 points if your similarity index falls between 16% and 20%. I will not grade papers with similarity indices over 20%. If your similarity index comes back between 11% and 20% and it is because of commonly used phrases, email me and I will let you know your next step if any. Please be aware that simply putting text in quotations is not enough to avoid raising the similarity index. The paper should be in your own words with perhaps a 1 or 2-line quote if necessary. Avoid excessive quotations. They will count against you.
Late papers will NOT be accepted…no exceptions! Be sure to answer all the questions posed in the instructions (use a heading for each question).
As you research material for this paper, give social networking a try! Hopefully being able to access all your bookmarks regardless of where you are is beneficial to you.”
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