3-4 page essay

ENG 102 Essay #1 Prompt
Theresa Stowell Summary-Response Essay
In a 3-4 page essay, provide a focused, significant response to one of the following essays. The essays can be found in the Week Two Module in Canvas:
Anu Partanen “Finland’s School Success”
David Zinczenko “Don’t Blame the Eater”
As necessary to the organizational pattern you choose, your essay should include a complete summary of the selection either in the introduction of the paper (with alternating pattern) or after the introduction (with summary-response pattern), but keep the main focus on a unified claim of your own about it. You are not writing a “book report” type essay, but rather you should strive to show insights that go beyond what the selection says, perhaps challenging it, perhaps building upon an essential agreement or otherwise elaborating with something new of your own.
Use the summary-response or alternating (point-by-point) pattern described in the Power Point. Any references to the text (including the summary itself) should be cited (in-text citations with page numbers), and a Works Cited page at the end should use the model for “essay or article reprinted in a book.” I will include the Works Cited entries in a handout in Canvas.
Successful essays will reveal original thought, clear focus, and an excellent understanding of the primary text – revealed in summary appropriate for the established purpose (and for an audience who may have some familiarity with the essay but needs to be reminded of the essential points). They will clearly distinguish between any of the text’s ideas and your own and use good transitions when making shifts.
As with any essay, they will be graded also on the conventions of formal academic essays:
Engaging introduction, including orientation to the subject and thesis statement
Clear and significant thesis statement, which is the focus of the whole essay
Unity in the overall essay (sticking with the thesis)
Adequate support of the thesis
Unity and focus in each paragraph
Strong supporting detail in each paragraph
A coherent pattern of organization for the paragraphs
Smooth transitions
Appropriate tone
Correct documentation of words and ideas from other texts
Use of standard, edited written English (Grammar!)
Strong concluding paragraph
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