marketing plan

Final Project:
Your final project will be a few sections of a normal business plan that you will create for a new product or venture of your choice. Emphasis will be on the Marketing and Promotion Plan section of a normal business plan. The objective is that you will delve into the required information deeper as it relates to our course content.
Please be sure to follow the Project Rubric carefully.
Your projects should include a TITLE PAGE or TITLE SLIDE with full name, course and section, date, name of product or venture, picture.
Deliverable: Marketing plan can be typed into a report or you may create a slideshow in Powerpoint. NO EXTENSIONS.
Projects are to be an individual effort and due by MIDNIGHT on the date posted in the syllabus.
You will create a Marketing Plan for a business idea of your choice that will focus on identifying a target market (consumer or business) whose needs are not currently being met, not being met satisfactorily or even recognized.
You should also think about competitive offerings, and how your offering will be communicated and delivered.
You may follow the sample marketing plan outline below or reference the one in your book. Sample
Marketing Plan
1. Executive Summary
2. Company and Product Description
3. Strategic Focus and Plan: the mission/vision and core competencies written at the company level, but goals are written at the product level.
4. Identifying the mission/vision and core competencies of your company should help in creating your new product.
5. Situation Analysis (factors affecting both your company as a whole and at the new product level) – include a SWOT analysis here.
6. Market-Product Focus (for your new product)
7. Marketing Program (for your new product)
8. Implementation Plan (for your new product)
9. Evaluation and Control (for your new product) Supporting information you may want to include (may be integrated within text or included as appendices): mock-ups of packaging/product, advertising, promotions, any helpful tables, charts, graphs, etc.
ALL of these items MUST BE INCLUDED in your plan. If it’s not appropriate to include a section, however, make a note as to why!
• Everything must be submitted online!
• All sources must be cited and will be checked for plagiarism!
• Be sure to include your name when completing the project.
CAUTION: If plagiarism is detected (we have electronic access to papers formerly submitted by students) a failing grade will be assigned.
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