To make a report for this lab, “Take screenshots from your screen which shows the result of each step and paste it here.

Main objective for this lab is to implement different network topologies by Mininet and analyze the table records (flows) in switches and learn Open-Flow protocol.

You are suing Mininet and OpenDayLight controller that you have configured on previous lab.

  • Run this command, what is the result? Explain (2 marks)

sudo mn –controller=remote,ip=<controller IP address> –topo=linear,4 –switch=ovsk,protocols=OpenFlow13 –mac

  • Run: pingall , what is the result, why?  (1 mark)
  • Go to the controller, what is the topology you can see? Why? (2 marks)
  • Without exit the Mininet operation, Open another session window for Mininet and run this ocommand: sudo ovs-vsctl show (3 marks)

Are you able to see all the ports for each switch? Are they all physical ports?

Which port# Mininet talk to controller?

  • Now run this command: sudo ovs-ofctl -O OpenFlow13 dump-ports s1     (2 marks)

Are you able to see the statistics for each port?

Do several ping, are you able to follow the changes? What happens?

  • Run this command: sudo ovs-ofctl -O OpenFlow13 dump-flows s1     (5 marks)

You should be able to see the table flows for a specific switch.

What is the meaning of priority here? Explain

What are actions? Do you expect to have these actions, explain.

You can do a similar analysis for another switch by:  sudo ovs-ofctl -O  OpenFlow13 dump-flows s2

What is the meaning of Type=0X88cc  ?

(Hint: go to Ether type to find this Type: )

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