marketing plan

Lockdown… After some weeks of disbelief, uncertainty, fear and tension, we are aware
of a few things: 1) this crisis is going to last a rather long time 2) what we had planned
for 2020 is not very useful anymore given all the dramatic changes in our daily lives. All
the teams at UNILEVER Spain have been asked to reformulate the marketing plan for
the 2nd
half of the year.
Jaume is the Head of the Category of Mayonnaises at UNILEVER Spain. He is in charge of
a budget of approximate 4MM€ for this time period (July-December 2020). He is
responsible of fostering the sales of three brands: Hellmann’s, Ligeresa and Calvé. Under
these brands, UNILEVER also markets other types of dressings and savories (ketchup,
margarines…) but Jaume and his team are responsible only for promoting the “mayo”
UNILEVER is the absolute branded leader of the category. While other brands such as
Ybarra and Kraft have significant presence, the main competitors are Private Label
brands. Price differences are very significant while variable costs are not. Hence,
contribution margins can vary widely from 30% (for private labels) to more depending
on the price
Your objective is to prepare the marketing plan for the category. You have to focus
exclusively in the Food retail channel (i.e. supermarkets, hypermarkets. Do not consider
Hotels or Restaurants) We have selected some portions of data from secondary sources
for you to start working. You can enrich your understanding of the category using other
sources of information. The information provided is:
1 – UNILEVER BRIEF: Description of brands developed by the company and brief from
UNILEVER Marketing Director for Jaume’s Team.
2 – Market research NIELSEN SALES DATA. This report captures sales data coming from
Modern Trade [Mercadona, Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, and the likes]; but not from small
retailers or online). Assume that other channels behave proportionally to what you see
3 – Market research KANTAR SHOPPER DATA. Purchase metrics for different segments
of customers
Again, you are welcome and encouraged to find additional insights from your own
sources. For example, review in Youtube brand communications for the Hellmann’s
brand not only for Spain but also in other countries. Ligeresa and Calvé are local players
For media costs: Please, check quotes at and apply a 30% discount
based in the prices we could negotiate. For TV campaigns assume the following:
• Cost of a TV copy 20” – around € 200K.
• Cost of a GRP (adult target): roughly € 1200.
• Minimum investment on a TV campaign: 800 GRP to achieve notoriety.
These numbers are approximated. They have been disguised for confidentiality reasons. Assume also that
retailers work with gross margins between 15% and 25%.
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