150 words and add a title to essay Class Getting ready for my fall classes

150 words and add a title to essayClass Getting ready for my fall classes, I have to look through what Netflix currently has to offer, and I have to admit, there are some darned great movies to be watched!  So, I started wondering… Aside from myself, what would other people recommend watching on Netflix?  And for what reasons? Two very basic questions, but they would prove great questions as a means for practicing all those ways to think about movies.  So, TV shows do not count, and neither do comic book movies or any other sort of typical Hollywood nonsense movies.  Recommend a movie that you feel strongly about, that you are certain others should be watching.  Of course, explain your justification in terms of any of the ways we have been thinking about movies these past 4 weeks.   I look forward to your recommendations! DISCUSSION 2 150 words with title addClass Whether one is informed in terms of movie analysis or simply being informed in regards to culture or society or politics or history or current world events, this will all have a bearing upon how one “reads” movies and media.  If a person’s awareness of all those things is limited, they will be easily influenced by what others have to say, as they have little upon which to build their own ideas.  Could this be the reason why Hollywood pumps out so many… “state of the art dumb” types of movies?  No thinking involved?  And all the information one needs to understand the story is provided throughout the movie.  Just sit back, relax, and let it wash over you.  If larger amounts of people were extremely informed, would Hollywood be able to get away with these “no thinking needed” movies? Ideas?  Thoughts? Discussion 3 150 words with titleWatch video and give your thoughtCalifornia Newsreels, (1987). Ethnic Notions (58:00) [Video file]. Films on Demand.
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