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Principles of project management ENG7143
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Question 1. 2
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Question 4. 5
Conclusion. 6
Recommendations (where applicable) 6
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Tesla is set to construct its state-of-the-art megafactory near Austin, Texas. The territory takes up around 2,000 sections of land and will be about a short way from downtown Austin. The processing plant will be a “natural heaven” and that it will be available to people in general. It will have a footpath overpass, a climbing and trekking trail. It will fundamentally be natural heaven. The site will be utilized to assemble the organization’s Cyber truck, its Semi and the Model 3 and Model Y for the eastern portion of America. Tesla will keep on filling in California, where it will construct the Tesla Model S and the Model X for worldwide conveyances and the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y for America.
Travis County, where the new vehicle plant will be found recently gave Tesla tax cuts worth at least $15 million to assemble the plant to carry occupations to the zone. Tesla utilizes around ten thousand individuals at its solitary U.S. vehicle plant today in Fremont, California. Tesla will assemble its next US plant in Austin, Texas. The below questions will assess the viability of the entire project.

Main body

Question 1: What should be done to ensure the success of the project

To ensure the success of the project, the engagement network chart an organization will be used a way of tracking the progress of each business period to its climax. Task managers use an organizational framework to follow a process, allowing them to see improvements in all aspects. At that point, they can transfer the status to the rest of the collection. This is especially helpful for people who have a better understanding of external data. For co-workers, network charts will help showcase their work and increase efficiency.
Network Diagrams will help rationalize your period assessment for the project. Since the network figure of a project illustrates how happenings are interconnected with one other from the onset of the task until completion, it will be extremely helpful for computing the total project period. After determining the critical path of the project, events on the critical path will provide the full length of the venture correspondingly. Network Diagrams also help in scheduling, shaping and controlling. Given the fact that all project doings are illustrated in arrangement with appropriate interconnections, the network diagram of a project will assist the project manager and his team throughout the project cycle. Network diagram will be helpful during project implementation too since it is a snap of the project doings tied with the dependences.

Question 2: How long will it take to complete the project

Tesla should pursue the project within two years and make sure that the project does not go beyond that deadline since going beyond that date would mean paying heavy penalties that are calculated daily. Extra days will need to be given to some selected tasks that have uncertainty to prevent anything that could go wrong. This will allow for ample time for rectifying errors within the project.

Question 3: What is the project budget

The table below gives a breakdown of the expected money that the project is likely to spend.

Project Budget Item Planned Total Current Spend Balance
Staff 3215 700 2515
Employees 3355 800 2555
Contractors 6628 500 6128
Sub-Total 13198 2000 11198
Suppliers 7548 700 6848
Materials 6621 600 6021
Equipment 2145 300 1845
Sub-Total 16314 1600 14714
General 2233 900 1333
hospital premises lease cost 4477 200 4277
Electricity 6688 2000 4688
Phone 523 400 123
Sub-Total 13921 3500 10421
Grand Total 43433 7100 36333

Question 4. What project management methodologies can be used for implementing this project successfully?

This project will need a Waterfall methodology of project management. This model dictates that a project should move to the next level once the initial phase has been completed. The Tesla model project will be broken down into six parts. These steps or stages include obtaining the requirements in a document, developing models that will be analysed, designing, code installation and testing of the system. The waterfall method uses Gantt charts for arranging and scheduling project activities and therefore will be resourceful for managing this Tesla project Conclusion
This project will employ the waterfall methodology. The methodology focuses on the important information that is transferred after each stage. Tesla is hastening the ecosphere’s progress to maintainable energy. The company configures, produces, sells and administers the world’s best sun based invention, energy stockpiling frameworks, and electric vehicles, offering clients the chance to develop, store and devour energy parsimoniously.  Tesla is focused on employing and creating top capabilities from around the globe for some random control. Situated in California, Tesla’s labor force ranges across four mainlands. They work to assemble an all-inclusive climate in which all people, paying little mind to sexual orientation, race, religion, or foundation, can come to accomplish their best output

Recommendations (where applicable)

I have analyzed the different methodology I shall use. For the new Tesla project, I believe the waterfall methodology would be the right approach for this Tesla project due to its simplified nature and the fact any employees involved will be able to understand easily the project stages.
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