HCI & GUI Assignment 2

HCI & GUI Assignment 2 Griffith College Dublin 2021
Course: HDC
Stage/Year: 2
Module: HCI & GUI
Semester: [Semester II]
Assignment Number: 2
Date of Title Issue: Thursday 7th. January 2021
Assignment Deadline: Sunday 23rd. January 2021
Assignment Submission: Upload using Moodle link provided on HCI-GUI page
Assignment Weighting: 25/50
Assignment Title
Please state the assignment title / brief. Please specify details such as:
Film Database Application
Learning Outcomes
Please state the programme and related module learning outcomes that this assignment is
Assessment Criteria
Please state the assessment criteria applied to this assignment, such as:
The assessment criteria are based on the quality and thoroughness of the required features. These are
detailed in Section 2. These features must be the original work of the student. They must be
implemented according to the guidelines and standards discussed in laboratory and class sessions.
Additional criterial are the presentation of the work including use of the correct tool versions,
commenting and layout of source code, the correct naming of files and citing of sources where relevant.
HCI & GUI Assignment 2 Griffith College Dublin 2021
HCI & GUI Assignment 2 Griffith College Dublin 2021
HCI & GUI Programming
Assignment 2: MP3 BlastBox Media Player
1.0 Introduction
MP3 BlastBox is a media player application for .mp3 format audio tracks. A picture
to guide the creation of the graphical user interface for the application is shown in
Figure 1. From this starting point, develop the MP3 BlastBox application. The
development tasks to be undertaken are itemised in section 2.0.
Figure 1: MP3 BlastBox suggested interface design
2.0 MP3 BlastBox Features
Create a user interface for the MP3 Blast Box application similar to that shown in
Figure 1.
(10 marks)
At application startup, the list of available tracks should be populated from a “music”
directory adjacent to where the application is located. This directory should only have
music files in .mp3 format. It is not necessary to implement filtering.
(10 marks)
When the “Add” button is clicked, a track selected in the available list is added to the
selected tracks list. The button should not be enabled unless a track is selected in the
available list.
(10 marks)
HCI & GUI Assignment 2 Griffith College Dublin 2021
HCI & GUI Assignment 2 Griffith College Dublin 2021
Implement removal of a single track and removal of all tracks from the selected tracks
(10 marks)
Manage the enabling and disabling of buttons to support correct use of the
application. For example, if the selected tracks list is empty, all buttons should be
disabled. If a track is selected in the available tracks list, the “Add Track” button is
once again enabled. Clicking on a track in the list of selected tracks enables the “Play”
button etc.
(10 marks)
When the “Play” button is clicked, the highlighted track from the list of selected
tracks is played. It is not necessary to play the entire list. Also implement the “Stop”
and “Pause” buttons.
(10 marks)
Add a slider to control volume. Bind the control to the media player’s volume.
(10 marks)
Create a simple icon for the application and add it. Customize the styling and
colouring of the application to enhance its appeal to users.
(10 marks)
Provide play position feedback. This can be in numeric form using a label, for
example, or in the form of a slider or both. If using a slider, it is not necessary to
support seek operations to allow the user to move playing to a new position in the
(20 marks)
(Total 100 marks)
3.0 Assignment Submission
Submit the assignment as a zipped archive. Only zipped assignments are acceptable
No .rar or any other format will be corrected. Do not send assignments by email.
3.1 Deliverables
 1 zipped archive file containing the completed project should be uploaded
using the Moodle link provided for Assignment 2.
 1 signed and dated assignment submission sheet to be uploaded to Moodle
using the link provided.
It is your responsibility to ensure that your application is tested and working and that
all components are present in the zipped archive.
HCI & GUI Assignment 2 Griffith College Dublin 2021
HCI & GUI Assignment 2 Griffith College Dublin 2021
3.2 Keep a Backup Copy
As the work is submitted electronically, it is very important to keep a backup copy of
the assignment.
4.0 Assignment Weighting
This is the second of two assignments in this module. This assignment has a
weighting of 50% of the total marks allotted to continuous assessment in this module.
HCI & GUI Assignment 2 Griffith College Dublin 2021
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